Spark Meeting Agenda

16 March 2021

A joke to start off tonight …


Pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence …


Introduction of Guests

News of members

Minutes of previous meeting:
(N3URF, John Walsh)

            Treasurers Report:
(K3HGG, Heath Goldstein):

            VE Session Report: 
(ND3Z, Jeff Jones):
Next VE session:  20 Mar 2021, 1400 Hrs

            Repeater committee:
(N3GTH, Nick Shyshuk):


News from ARRL:

ARISS Ham Station in I.S.S. Columbus Module Is Once Again Operational


February 2021 Volunteer Monitor Program Report

Report: Radio Amateurs in Israel Lose Access to Much Microwave Spectrum

Wildlife Outnumber Participants in Winter Yellowstone VHF Radio Rally


Old business:

     COVID-19 update: 


New Business:

2021 ARRL Field Day is June 26-27


Basic corner:
            (members and guests can ask for, or bring up technical questions or discussions)


Upcoming Special events stations (per ARRL website):

History (early airmail…), Military related, Scouting, National Police Week …


Upcoming Contests (per ARRL Contest Corral):

For more info, visit: Contest Calendar (,,, and


Upcoming Hamfests/Conventions (per ARRL website):


Next club meeting: 









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